Colorful Flower Scented Satchel-Color Orange

Colorful Flower Scented Satchel-Color Orange
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If you need to freshen up the air in any room in your home, car or office, this colorful scented satchel is a great item! The satchel is handmade and features a lovely flower on the cushion and made with fine fabric materials. Purple is a lavender scent, green is green apple, red is a rose scent, navy blue a violet floral scent, orange is lemon, pink is a tulip scent, and last but not least, blue is a osmanthus scent. The product comes in many different colors so grab one for yourself and share another with someone else! **Products may differ in size, shape, or color due to their handmade nature. This product takes 2-5 days to ship from the date of the order received.**
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1x Colorful Flower Scented Satchel.
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