Asus U3 U5 U6 V1 V2 W1 F3 M6 Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply

Asus U3 U5 U6 V1 V2 W1 F3 M6 Compatible AC Adapter Power Supply
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Compatible notebook models:ASUS U3 series: U3SASUS U5 series: U5A U5FASUS U6 series: U6S U6V U6EASUS V1 series: V1S V1Jp V1JASUS V2 series: V2S V2Je ASUS W1 series: W1 Carbon W1Ga W1Gc W1Jb- W1Jc Carbon- W1N W1Na W1Vb W1VcASUS F5 series: F5V F5VL F5R ASUS F6 series: F6A F6VASUS F8 series: F8Va F8Sn F8Sv F8PASUS F9 series: F9Dc F9S F8SgASUS G1 series: G1S G1SnASUS G2 series: G2K G2S G2 G2Pc G2PbASUS M50 series: M50Sv M50Vm M50Sr M50SaASUS M51 series: M51Sn M51Sr M51Kr M51SeASUS VX series: LAMBORGHINI VX3 VX2S VX2ASUS W2 series: W2Jb W2P W2Jc W2Vb W2Vc W2WASUS W3 Series: W3J- W3A W3N W3V W3ZASUS W5 Series: W5F W5VASUS W7 Series: W7S W7F W7J-ASUS A6 series: A6V A6Km A6Rp A6U A6VcASUS A7 series: A7S A7Sv A7K A7C A7J A7TASUS A8 series: A8Sc A8Js A8Je A8Jp A8Jr A8Jn A8T A8m A8FASUS F3 series: F3E F3Sc F3Sv F3Ka F3Sa F3Jv F3Ja F3Jc_ F3Jm_ F3Jp F3T F3MASUS M6 Series: M6000N M6700N M6800N M6B00NM6N M6V M6VAASUS M70 series: M70Sa M70Vm M70SrASUS M2 series: M2000 M2000NAcer Aspire 5600Acer Ferrari 3000Acer Ferrari 3000LMiAcer Ferrari 3200Acer Ferrari 3400LMiAcer Ferrari 4000Acer TravelMate 4404Acer Aspire 1350Acer Aspire 1350 1350LC 1350LCE 1350LM 1350LMI 1351 1351LC 1351LCI 1351XC 1352 1352LC 1352LCE 1352LCI 1352XC 1353 1353LC 1353LCI 1353LM 1353LMI 1353XC 1354 1354LM 1354LMI 1355 1355LC 1355LCE 1355LCI 1355LM 1355LMI 1355XC 1355XV 1356 1356LC 1356LCI 1356LM 1356LMI 1357 1357LC 1357LCI 1357LM 1357LMI 1357XCC Compatible part numbers:DELTA ADP-90SB BB Input: AC100V - 240V.Frequency: 50-60HzOutput: 19V-4.74A..Output: 19V-4.74A..
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1 x Laptop Adapter.
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